/ Implementation of Cashless Policy on Cash Withdrawals and Deposits

Lagos, Nigeria - September 18th, 2019

As part of its efforts to promote the cashless policy in Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria has re-introduced charges on cash deposits over N500,000, which will be effective from today, Wednesday, September 18th 2019. This comes as an addition to the already existing charges on withdrawals.

This means that whenever you deposit or withdraw cash over N500,000 at any of our branches located in Lagos, Ogun, Kano, Abia, Anambra, Rivers and the FCT, you will be charged a processing fee as detailed below:

Customer Type   Transaction Limits      Charges for Withdrawals Charges for Deposits
Individual Above N500,000 3%  2%
Corporate Above N3,000,000 5% 3%

To learn more about our alternative banking channels, please visit www.gtbank.com/waystobank

Thank you for banking with us.