Women entrepreneurs across the world face peculiar obstacles in accessing the capital, opportunities and tools they need to start and grow their businesses.

To address these challenges, we partner with international organizations, and create platforms that are dedicated to imparting women with practical business models that will help their businesses hit milestones and providing free capacity training that will help them thrive in any corner of the world. We also go beyond to provide women who run small businesses in the informal sector with free health insurance so they can access basic and essential healthcare coverage - because we understand that they can only achieve their best when they feel their best.

As employers of thousands of brilliant, hard working and leading women, we learn daily what women are capable of when given equal opportunities for growth. They are drivers of economic success, disruptors of sectors and world changers. That’s why we will continue to close the gap between opportunities and success for women entrepreneurs to not only drive economic growth but achieve a world where progress is evenly distributed.


Everyone deserves access to affordable healthcare coverage, but most women who work in the informal sector in Nigeria have never had basic healthcare coverage in their lifetimes. In honour of International Women’s Day 2021, we provided 1000 self employed women in low income and informal jobs, free access to healthcare coverage for a year.

Investing in Business Workshops for Women

One of our recipes for accelerating the success of women entrepreneurs is giving them access to mentorship and intensive training, all led by the world’s leading women entrepreneurs. Guaranty Trust partnered with She Leads Africa (SLA) and Work in Progress for a three-month business workshop to equip young entrepreneurs with relevant expertise in business growth, marketing and distribution.

Our Areas of Focus