The journey started in 2009 when we decided to advocate for children living with ASD, to stop the stigmatization, and support parents and caregivers alike. The autism programme was born under the Orange Ribbon Initiative.

The initiative started with the gathering of a small group of people with similar interests in seminars and talks aimed at improving awareness and management of ASD, which has now grown to become a conference over the years. This has been well attended by parents, professionals, and caregivers and viewed through several channels across the globe.

The advocacy program is designed to support children with developmental disabilities or special needs in Nigeria especially Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Autism Spectrum Disorder, as with other developmental challenges arise from insufficient development of a child’s physical, emotional or intellectual capacity. This Disorder which is largely misunderstood by society makes it difficult for affected children to cope with the everyday demands of their environment and may lead to varying stages of social stigmatization.

Guaranty Trust is driven by the developmental challenges faced by children and has continuously worked for the past 6 years to pro-actively meet the needs in this special area.

The Orange Ribbon Initiative focuses on;

  • Ensuring societal awareness of ASD
  • Educating parents, caregivers, educationists and health workers about the requirements, care and management of ASD and affected children
  • Advocating for the establishment of comprehensive and inclusive schools for children living with Autism as well as integrated centres for adults
  • Sponsoring and supporting legislation that protects the rights of people living with ASD
  • Supporting research about Autism
  • Providing free consultation services for children living with ASD.

Autism Awareness: A Mother Knows

Our Areas of Focus