Every community has its unique needs. To achieve the most impact, we carefully identify the needs and opportunities that if provided or harnessed will not only transform communities but set people up for a lifetime of success.

Over the years, we have created and backed hundreds of diverse initiatives that have had a tremendous impact in society. We have created an enduring initiative that gives children living with Autism and their families the support they need to thrive. We have designed a Maternal and Child Healthcare Program that supports pregnant and nursing women with HIV and sick children. We have extended our helping hands to the rest of the world through donations to global non-profit organizations.

For us, every CSR project or initiative is our most important one because we understand the stake. We pour over the little details, and do not hold back on the technology, people and resources needed to make the world a better place.

Maternal & Child Health Initiative

Through our support for pregnant and nursing mothers with HIV and our hospital visits, we provided access to quality health care for children and mothers.

Orange Ribbon

The Orange Ribbon Initiative is an advocacy program designed to support children with developmental disabilities, most especially the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Orange Heart Initiative

Orange Heart is the Guaranty Trust staff volunteer initiative that seeks to drive positive social change through high-impact employee-led charitable giving and volunteer programs.

Simple Change Big Impact

The Simple Change Big Impact Challenge is a CSR initiative by Guaranty Trust aimed at funding dozens of innovative ideas designed and executed by members of the general public.

Swiss Red Cross Partnership

The Swiss Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides an avenue to raise funds for welfare initiatives across the globe.

Our Areas of Focus