We see art as an avenue for unlocking people’s creative potential, and by creating ART635 we aim to expand the opportunities for art education as well as broaden the reach and viewership of the works of indigenous artists. Our Arts initiatives seek to not just connect, enrich and educate individuals, but also promote cultural exchanges that break down societal barriers and build global relationships.


In 2016, we launched the Guaranty Trust Art635 Gallery (www.art635.gallery) which is an online art gallery for artists to display and sell their art. Art635, one of the fastest growing online art galleries in Nigeria, is giving indigenous artists a free digital space to showcase and sell their artwork. Powered by Guaranty Trust, Art635 is open to all African painters, sculptors, photographers, and artists across Africa and in the diaspora.

So far, Art635 has sustained its efforts to promote African arts and currently features over 1,000 unique artwork by over 100 different artists. Through the platform, we are creating a viable means for African art to be accessible to a global audience.

Art Workshops

We launched Art635 workshop to train artists on the business side of art. Tagged the “Hard Part of Art”, the first edition was moderated by leading artists who discussed several topics and shared lessons from their experiences with budding artists. Through the workshop, young and experienced artists connect and exchange ideas that advance their careers.

Art635 Online Gallery

The gallery provides hundreds of Nigerian Artists with a free platform to showcase their Artworks to thousands of art lovers, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts around the world.

Impact In Numbers

1,000+: artwork on Art635 gallery

100+: artists on the Art635 gallery

80,000+: visits to the online gallery

IMPACT STORY: Uche Okpa Iroha, Curator, Art635 Gallery

“The virtual gallery is an additional impetus for the Nigerian art scene and many people have embraced it. Daily, we get enquiries. More Nigerian artists come on board. The sector is expanding and experiencing a proliferation of projects and platforms. What Art635 Gallery brings to the table is a new kind of eclecticism that allows for dynamism in artistic production, promotion and gives visibility to artists and their works. Today, the gallery is home to a little over 300 works and it keeps growing daily.

Our Areas of Focus