Small businesses account for over 70% of the global economy. So for us, there could be no greater value than empowering small businesses and providing exciting lifestyle experiences for our customers.

This is why over the last decade we have sponsored a wide range of consumer-focused events, and in the last five years, created Free Business Platforms such as the GTBank Food and Drink Fair and the GTBank Fashion Weekend.

We believe that with people’s spending often limited to taking care of basic needs—what to eat and what to wear, atop them—if we focus on promoting enterprise in food and fashion, we would be propelling local entrepreneurs to dominate two critical sectors of our economy.

Since the inception of these events, they have become the premier meeting point in Africa, bringing together tens of thousands of people from across the continent and beyond to support and celebrate Nigeria’s vibrant and burgeoning small businesses. Over the last five years, the events have hosted more than 1,000,000 people, featured dozens of entrepreneurial masterclasses by international chefs and food business experts, and launched or propelled the businesses of hundreds of entrepreneurs.

We are proud of our work and achievements in helping small businesses thrive, but understand that more needs to be done. That’s why every day we challenge ourselves to provide the right answers to the existential and pertinent question: how do we do more to enrich the lives of our customers?

Fashion Weekend

Driving Africa’s progress goes beyond achieving high economic growth or optimizing FX revenues from the continent's mineral resources. For us, it is also about how successful we are in centering people’s needs, empowering small businesses, and giving young people everything they need to make the most of their incredible potential. This is what we are focused on achieving with the Fashion Weekend.

Food and Drink Festival

Africa's biggest annual food experience, the GTBank Food and Drink Festival is about celebrating Africa's most appetizing dishes and is on a mission to bring the continent's culinary culture to the global stage. Offering masterclasses from internationally and locally renowned chefs and showcasing the expertise of local businesses, it is the most dynamic and delicious destination for food tourism.

Supporting Female Entrepreneurship

Guaranty Trust partnered with an African-focused entrepreneurship accelerator, She Leads Africa (SLA), and the Work in Progress! Alliance (Oxfam and VC4Africa) to launch the She Leads Africa Accelerator, a 3-month program designed to identify, support, and fund the next generation of Nigeria’s brightest female entrepreneurs.

Our Areas of Focus