Financial Literacy Day

The Central Bank of Nigeria sets a day in March as Financial Literacy Day to mark the Global Money Week, a global awareness initiative aimed at enhancing financial literacy and financial inclusion. over the years we have trained over 16,000 secondary school students across the following states Abia, Benue, Cross River, Osun,Ondo, Lagos, Taraba,Gombe and Zamfara states.

World Savings Day

October 31 of every year is celebrated as World Savings Day, the Company ensures increased effort to encourage young students to save as soon as they earn. In line with this programme, and as part of our efforts to provide young people with financial education, we organize an essay and art competition for secondary school students. The Company hopes that once armed with the right knowledge, students will know the benefits of adopting a saving culture. The winners were awarded an Orange Scholarship, an academic scholarship for an academic session.

Winning Essay: Save today, Safe tomorrow!

“Saving is necessary at every stage in one’s life. A student who takes the pain of saving from the little pocket money that he is given will be able to obtain some of his needs himself during the holidays. He will also be exposed to entrepreneurial skills at a good age…A graduate who saved while in school becomes established even before he is able to secure a job for himself. He can build his future from his savings. A worker who takes a wise decision of saving while in service lives a happy life after his retirement…Businessmen who save are never thrown off balance even in the face of “rainy days” in the business world…The face of everyone’s future is tied to savings. Savings bring about a bright and happy future. It contributes a great deal to one’s success and our future indeed starts with saving. Save today, safe tomorrow!”

Lorwua Dominic


Mount Saint Gabriels’ Secondary School, Makurdi, Benue

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