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Guaranty Trust Money Market Fund

Guaranty Trust Money Market Fund is a low risk open-ended unit trust scheme with competitive returns. It is a diversified portfolio with investments in quality money market instruments.​

This fund is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C)

Year-on-Year returns:
2020: 6.17%
2021: 6.52%
2022: 7.18%

  • Minimum amount: N1,000
  • Minimum hold period: 30days
  • Management Fee: 1% of Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • 2023 YTD return: 10.25%

Guaranty Trust Fixed Income Fund

Guaranty Trust Fixed Income Fund is a guaranteed principal investment that is particularly suited for Investors who are seeking for safety of funds, regular income, and capital growth over a long period.​

The Fund is benchmarked against the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Standing Deposit Facility (SDF) rate.​

Year-on-Year returns:
2020: 7.25%
2021: 6.53%
2022: 6%

  • Minimum amount: N50,000
  • Minimum hold period: 180 days
  • Management Fee: 50% of Excess Return above SDF
  • 2023 YTD return: 6.0%

Guaranty Trust Equity Income Fund

Guaranty Trust Equity Income Fund provides regular income and long-term capital appreciation from investments in equities.​

This is achieved by investing in dividend knights, which are quoted on The Nigerian Stock Exchange, where the issuers have an investment-grade rating from a credit rating agency registered by the Securities& Exchange Commission (SEC) and fixed-income securities approved by SEC.​

Year-on-Year returns:
2020: -8.20%
2021: 29.64%
2022: 2.06%

  • Minimum amount: N5,000
  • Minimum hold period: 180 days
  • Management Fee: 1.5% of Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • 2023 YTD return: 38.75%

Guaranty Trust Balanced Fund

Guaranty Trust Balanced Fund was created to maximize long-term capital growth and maintain regular income distribution. It is a balanced portfolio with investments in equities, fixed income and money market.​

Year-on-Year returns:
2020: 1.85%
2021: 20.40%
2022: 8.09%

  • Minimum amount: N10,000
  • Minimum hold period: 91days
  • Management Fee: 2.0% of Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • 2023 YTD return: 23.90%

Dollar Fund

Dollar Fund seeks to provide investors with a bias for Dollar-denominated Securities which ordinarily would be inaccessible to them by virtue of the minimum amount typically required to make such investments.​

Year-on-Year returns:
2021: 7.48%
2022: 3.19%

  • Minimum amount: $500
  • Minimum hold period: 180 days
  • Management Fee: 1.5% of Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • 2023 YTD return: 6.38%

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