Our people are aware of their unique position to help others thrive. Their passion for driving social change is a deep reflection of the values and ethics we hold dear as a company passionate about enriching lives.

The Orange Heart initiative was created as a way for our staff to come together to drive positive social change through employee-led charitable giving and volunteer programs.

Volunteerism is part of our company’s DNA and has evolved into a strategic and comprehensive platform. In addition to enriching local communities, volunteerism provides our employees with opportunities for leadership, team building, and skills development.

As a company guided by sustainability in all that we do, we have taken on a conscious mandate to empower our employees by creating an enabling environment in which they are able to contribute positively to our corporate culture in the way they desire. Our employees recognize this, and of their own decision, they have also chosen to be forces for good in the communities around which they work.

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Social Responsibility Challenge

Our staff champions over 100 social projects through the Guaranty Trust Social Responsibility Challenge across the 36 States of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory. Among these projects are the renovation of the classrooms of Junior Secondary School, Galadimawa, Abuja; the provision of pipe-borne water for Itedo Community School, Lekki, Lagos State and the renovation of the school’s restrooms; the installation of Solar Panels, an Inverter and Wall Fans in the children’s ward of Apapa General Hospital, Lagos; and the renovation and furnishing of a barbing salon at the Port Harcourt Maximum Prisons, among other projects.

The Sickle Cell Fund

Every year, our staff at different locations across Nigeria make voluntary contributions towards supporting people and communities in need. Donations received are used to provide free one-year medical insurance for people dealing with several challenges associated with SCD.

Nigeria has the highest number of people living with sickle cell in the world, and with poor access to quality health care, there is a high infant mortality rate due to SCD. To increase the quality of life of people with SCD, we partner with Soulage Foundation through our #Touching Lives campaign to provide free medical care for people who would not have been able to afford such care.

A Note from our Partner at Soulage Foundation

“In 2017, through donations from Guaranty Trust staff, the organization provided access to free health insurance for people living with sickle cell. We were able to provide more care for people who would not have been able to afford such care, increasing their chances at living fuller lives.” - Mrs Odegbaike, CEO Soulage Foundation

Odafe Juya

“After my sister’s death, I resolved to go to any length just to survive, no matter the pain. This isn’t the reality of many sickle cell patients as some of them do not have the right medical support to help them cope with the excruciating pain. I want to see more people living with sickle cell survive and this is why Guaranty Trust staff should not relent on the good work they are doing. With their support the world will become a better and more supportive place for people living with sickle cell.”

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