The Swiss Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides an avenue to raise funds for welfare initiatives across the globe. It is Switzerland’s oldest and largest relief agency founded in 1866, where proceeds from fundraising events of the Swiss Red Cross are used to ensure the continuation of efforts in the areas of healthcare, reconstruction, and disaster relief across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

In 2014, Guaranty Trust extended its support towards the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Intervention strategy in West Africa by making a donation of N40 million to the Swiss Red Cross and Doctors without Borders. The donation of N40 million to the Swiss Red Cross and Doctors without Borders was to support the dispatch of trained personnel, create mobile laboratories to improve diagnostics, setting up more Ebola case management facilities in remote areas, creation of regional network of field hospitals to treat medical personnel and address the collapse of state infrastructure, which left people in many parts of West Africa without access to basic healthcare.

The funds raised in 2013 were used in Maldova, Paraguay, and Swaziland to provide enlightenment training for volunteers and treatment for Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

The funds raised in 2012 was used for:

  • The prevention of blindness by conducting eye examination and treatment in Ghana.
  • Provision of primary healthcare and safe drinking water in sudan to 200,00 children and adults.
  • Provision of portable water and building of latrines to improve hygiene of the villages in Cambodia.
  • Prevention/cure of tuberculosis through access to treatment. Also, the provision of required vitamins and mineral supplements and improvements of healthcare to prevent malnourishment in Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay.

We believe that giving back to the less privileged residents of our host communities is a prerequisite for the overall development of the country. Guaranty Trust is widely recognized as a responsible Corporate Citizen, a pacesetter, and industry leader, and a significant part of the bank’s annual earnings are committed towards supporting structures and initiatives. This belief has been a driving factor behind our support for various initiatives over the years.

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